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Have you ever heard of old wives tales to predict if you are having a boy or girl? Well, today I will share some old wives tales to see if you or a loved one is having a girl or boy! This is a fun way to predict the gender!

Now, know that it isn’t always correct, so don’t fully count on the gender it says!  This is just for fun.

All of these will give you a 50/50 chance at being correct. It is fun to test these out before you find out the gender from the doctor, to see which are right!

baby gender predictions

Fun Ways to Know If It Is A Boy or Girl

1. Carrying High or Low: Once you start to show, they say if you are carrying high, start buying pink, and low is blue!

2. Eating Bread: If you eat the ends of bread, it is a boy. Or if you skip the ends and eat the middle first it is a girl.

3. Baby’s heartbeat: When you get to hear your baby’s heartbeat if it 140 beats per minute or higher it is a girl. Anything under says it is a little boy.

4. Morning Sickness: If you experience a lot of morning sickness, signs point to a girl! Less to no morning sickness – boy!

5. Legs: If your legs put on some weight during pregnancy, it is a boy. If they stay lean and in shape, signs point to girl.

6. Mood: If you tend to be a bit more grumpy you are having a girl since you have extra hormones flowing through you. If you seem happy and more relaxed, it is a boy!

7. Your Beauty: It is said that if you are having a little prince you will look beautiful and radiant. Little girls steal beauty, so if you don’t look as pretty they say it is a little princess.

8. Sweets or Salty: Craving sweet, means a girl. Sour or salty mean a boy.

9. How you Hold a Key: Have the person who is pregnant grab a car key. If they grab the narrow part (key teeth) of the key first, it is a girl. If they pick up the round part at the back of the key, it’s a boy.

10. Dream of Gender: If you dream that you are having a boy it means it is a girl and vice versa.

11. Blemishes: If you find that you have more acne or breakouts, blame your girl. If your skin is clear it is a little boy!

12. Ring Test: Take your ring off, and tie it on a string. Hang it over your belly and if it swings in a circle, it is a Mr. If it goes back and forth it is a little miss.

13. Clumsy or Graceful: It is said that if you are graceful, you are having a girl. If you tend to be more clumsy, signs point to boy.

14. Toddler: If you have another child, and he shows interest in the mom, it is a girl. If your toddler is less interested it is a boy.

15. Ask To See Hands: If you ask the pregnant mom to be to see her hands, and she keeps her palms down it is a girl. If she shows her palms (facing up) it is a little boy.

16. Dad Gains Weight: If your significant other gains weight during your pregnancy, they say it is a little girl. If he doesn’t show signs of weight gain, it is a boy.

17. Craving Protein: If you are craving protein, they say you are having a boy. Think meat and nuts.

18. Urine: If you look at your urine, and it is bright yellow, they say boy. If it is a lighter color it is a girl. It is recommended to look at the first pee of the day.

19. Headaches: If you find that you have more headaches than before pregnancy, it is a little boy you are carrying.

20. Sleep on Which Side: If you tend to sleep more on your left side, it is said you are having a boy. Right side means it is a little girl.

I hope you have fun seeing which of these old wive’s tales are correct at predicting the sex of your baby.

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Old Wives Tale Baby Gender Predictions

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