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Have you ever opened your fridge to be greeted by a smell that was less then appetizing?  Ugh!  Me too, unfortunately.  I remember watching my Mom clean out the fridge as a little girl.  Back then, it always seemed so fun!  As an adult, well there are better things I’d prefer to spend my time on.

Here are 7 brilliant fridge cleaning hacks and tricks to help you get your fridge sparkling clean or to make it always seem clean.

Once A Month Meals

Make sure to clean you fridge coils that are under your fridge.  You can save $5-10 a month in electricity just by keeping these clean!  That is a quick an easy way to save money that will add up fast!  Here is a how to at Frugally Blonde

If you want to add some cute shelf liners to your fridge, you can make your own.  Here is a tutorial on making your own shelf liners at One Good Thing By Jillee

Did you know you can clean your stainless steel fridge and appliances a certain way to make them smudge free?  Not only will this make them clean after you are done, but it will keep the fridge smudge free for a week or longer!  You can find out all the directions at Mom 4 Real.

Ever wonder how to clean your ice maker?  Ice makers are so not fun to clean – trust me I’ve tried many different ways to get them clean..  Here is a handy tip from Gina over at The Shabby Creek Cottage – she uses a steam cleaner.  Brilliant idea!  We don’t have an ice maker in our current fridge, but next time we have a fridge with an ice maker I will be trying her trick out.

You can line your fridge shelves with press-n-seal and then if something spills on it, just rip it off/out and throw it away.  Put more press-n-seal on your shelf and you are good to go!  Makes clean up a breeze.  You can find how she specifically does this at Amanda Virtous Wife

Add a container of baking soda to the fridge.  Put it either in the door if it fits or at the back of one of your shelves.  The baking soda will absorb any smells and keep your fridge smelling fresh all the time.

You can also use pledge to clean/shine the front of your fridge.  Holy smokes!  The shine is so bright when doing this!  You can find more about this method at The DIY Girl.