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Here are over 100 amazing gifts for preschoolers.  This is such a fun age, with kid curious about everything in the world around them.  There is a large variety of items on this list from toys to crafts to sleeping bags and everything in between!  Toys are at the beginning of the list, but there are active toys further down as well as musical instruments, science items, art and other fun stuff further down.  If you don’t see something you like at the beginning of this list, keep scrolling down for more.  It is almost guaranteed you will find something that your preschooler will love.

Also, some of these things you may read and think it sounds boring – like a sleeping bag or backpack, but there are some cool ones that preschoolers would absolutely love!  You have to look at it through their eyes – when my oldest son was a preschooler, he loved the backpack and sleeping bag his Grandma gifted him.

1.  Magna-Tiles or Playmags


I know many children who spend hours every day playing with their magna-tiles.  Playmags are pretty much the same thing, but they have different pieces and you tend to get a better deal with them.  You can buy Magna-Tiles here and Playmags here.

2.  Light Table and accessories

Light tables are so fun and there are so many cool things you can do with one.  Some fun accessories are geode slices, translucent pattern blocks, View-thru geometric solids, animal x-raystransparent color counting chips, etc.  You can find a Light Table here.

3.  Playmobil 123

Playmobil 123 has amazing toys for preschoolers.  The people can be put into planes, boats, and cars easily and trailers can be put onto cars and tractors without the same frustration that preschoolers get with the big kid Playmobil.  These toys have been a favorite with all three of my kids.  You can get Playmobil 123 here.

4.  Duplo

Duplos are also a favorite around here.  My big kids still play with their little brother’s Duplo’s on occasion.  There are all sorts of cool sets.  You can find Duplo here.

5.  Wooden Trains

So many preschoolers love pushing around trains on the wooden tracks and if your preschooler is into trains, they will be played with for years.  You can find some trains here.

6.  Blocks

Unit blocks are larger than the smaller blocks I grew up with.  They are just as much fun and you can build larger structures and bridges with these.  You can check out some Unit Blocks here.

7.  Dinosaurs

What preschooler doesn’t like dinosaurs?  They are so much fun and you get to make “roar” noises when playing with them.  Find some fun dinosaurs here.

8.  Mr. Potato Head

If your little one loves to make silly faces this might be the perfect toy.  The classic Mr. Potato Head can be found here.

9.  Tow Truck

Kids love trucks and a tow truck that carries other vehicles is totally awesome.  You can find this Tow Truck here.

10.  Battat Take Apart Airplane

This is the coolest toy.  My littlest one received this for Christmas a few years ago and still enjoys playing with this toy.  There is a battery operated drill that you can use to take the screws on and off.  The pieces are large and overall it is fairly easy for preschoolers to use, although they may need help the first couple times.  You can find the Battat Take Apart Airplane here.

11.  Remote Control Car

Remote control vehicles are so much fun!  Kid and adults like them.  Check out a Remote Control Car for your child.

12.  Imaginext*

We were given an Imaginext castle and it is so cool.  My kids love it and they play with it quite a bit.  You can find Imaginext here.

13.  Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol seems like it has gained popularity in recent years.  My nephews love Paw Patrol and I’ve heard the Sea Patroller and the Jungle Tracker are popular with preschoolers.

14.  Ultimate Hot Wheels Garage

We have a friend who has this toy and he loves it.  You can find the Ultimate Hot Wheels Garage here.

15.  Shark Attack Figure Playset by Animal Planet

Animal Planet makes many of these types of playsets.  I’ve mostly seen dinosaurs and sea creatures.  We have several of these sets and all 3 of my boys love and have played with them for years.  When we have other kids come visit, they really like these as well.  Some of the pieces are really small, so if your child still puts stuff in their mouth, this toy might not be for you.  You can find the Shark Attack Figure Playset by Animal Planet here.

16.  Stable and Horse Set

Horses and a stable to keep them in – how cool!  Is your inner child just loving this?  I bet your own child will love it too!  You can find the Stable & Horse Set here.

17.  John Deere Tractors & Truck

These are such a popular toy with my kiddos when they are preschoolers.  They love to play with them outside in the dirt.  You can find these John Deere Tractors and Truck here.

18.  Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn

This fold and go barn looks like so much fun to play with.  Your preschooler is sure to love all the fun barn animals.  You can find the Melissa & Doug Fold & GO Barn here.

19.  FurReal Roarin’ Tyler

The FurReal Roarin’ Tyler looks pretty sweet! He responds to sounds and has a squeeky toy that he responds to as well. You can find him here

20.  Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs are still as much fun to play with nowadays as they were when we were kids. You can find Lincoln logs here.

21.  Tinker Toys

Speaking of toys that are still as much fun to play with as when we were kids – Tinker Toys are the same! Let your preschooler explore and build with them! You can find them here

Active Toys

22.  Balance Bike

On the advice of a friend, we bought a balance bike for our middle child.  What a difference in learning to ride a bike compared to training wheels!  I wish we had purchased one of these for my oldest as well.  The balance bike makes it easy for kids to gain their balance and it’s so fun to watch them once they find their center of balance and their confidence.  You can find more info about Balance Bikes here.

23.  Small Trampoline

What to do with all that boundless energy?  Get a mini trampoline for your munchkin!  They can jump on it inside the house and get some energy out!  You can buy a Mini Trampoline here.

24.  Basketball Hoop

Basketball is so fun.  Preschoolers love being able to play and make baskets.  You can find a Basketball Hoop here.

25.  Golf Set

It’s so much fun to hit balls around and try to get them in the hole.  You can find this Golf Set here.

26.  Baseball T-Ball Set

The perfect size for your preschooler.  You can find this Baseball T-ball Set here.

27.  Soccer Net and Ball

Preschoolers love to kick around the soccer ball and try to make it into the net.  You can find this Soccer Net and Ball here.

28.  Bowling Set

Bowling in your house is so much fun on a rainy day.  You can find this Bowling Set here.

29.  Little Tikes Attach ‘n’ Play Basketball Hoop

This is an over the door hoop & ball set, but it sits a lot lower and seems sturdier than the normal over the door hoops.  I think it would be perfect for a preschooler.  You can find the Little Tikes Attach ‘n’ Play Basketball Hoop here.

30.  Cozy Coupe Car

Remember the Cozy Coupe Car?  These have been around forever and preschoolers have been loving driving these for forever.  This one is a bit different than the ones that were around when I was a kid, as it’s a police car.  You can find this Cozy Coupe Car here.

31.  Ball Set

I think all you need to do is give preschoolers some balls to play with and they will be happy for hours.  You can find this set of Balls here.

32.  Scooter

Many preschoolers love riding around on scooters.  They find it less intimidating than bikes.  You can find this cool Scooter here.

33.  Plasma Car

Plasma cars are so much fun! We have a local pizza place that used to have a bunch of these for the kids to ride on – that was always the first spot the kids would run. You can find plasma cars here.

Exploring/Camping Toys


34.  First Microscope

This is a great way for preschoolers to get a better look at the world around them.  This microscope doesn’t use slides, instead, you can put larger objects on the tray and when you look through the eye holes, you get a close-up view.  You can find the First Microscope here.

35.  Binoculars

Another great way for preschoolers to get a close-up view of the world around them.  These binoculars are great!  My littlest one received these for his 3rd birthday and has loved them ever since.  You can find these Binoculars here.

36.  Backpack

So many cool backpacks for kids!  You are bound to find the perfect gift for your preschooler.  You can find Backpacks here.

37.  Flashlight

All kids love flashlights!  What better gift for your preschooler than their own?  Check out kid Flashlights here.

38.  Sleeping Bag

And sleeping bags are super fun at this age.  They can use their sleeping bag for a sleepout in the family room, sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa’s or when camping.  You can find Sleeping Bags here.

39.  Bug Catching Set

Bug catching sets are super fun for kids.  They can go on a bug hunt and get a closer look at the creepy crawlies that live around your house.  You can find fun bug catching sets here.

40.  Kid Folding Lawn Chair

Kid’s folding chairs are perfect for preschoolers who love having their own chair.  You can find Kid’s Folding Lawn Chair here.

41.  Kid’s Camera

All kids love taking pictures by themselves. Let your preschooler with his/her own camera! This camera looks pretty amazing. You can find it here.

42.  Science Lab Activity Set

The perfect present for the budding scientist or even just to show preschoolers how much fun science can be. You can find the Science Lab Activity Set here.

43.  Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is always fun for a preschooler.  There are so many things you can do with sidewalk chalk – hopscotches, mazes to follow on the ground, practice letter sounds and numbers and lots more!

44.  Frisbee

Throwing a frisbee around is so much fun. You can find fribees here.

45.  Playhouse

What little kiddo doesn’t love playhouses? Your child is sure to have hours of fun playing in one. You can find
Playhouses here. This is also a great item to buy from Craigslist if your child won’t care if it’s used.

46.  Walkie Talkies

Another super fun gift for a preschooler – walkie talkies! My kids spend hours playing spy with these whenever friends come over. You can find Walkie Talkies here.

47.  Learning Resources Shining Stars Projector

Instead of sticking stars on your ceiling, you can project them for your preschooler. This is such a fun gift! You can find the shining stars projector here.

48.  Bubble Machine

The perfect solution for the kiddo who loves bubbles, but doesn’t like blowing all their own. You can find the bubble machine here.

Pretend Play

49.  Tool Set

There’s nothing quite like having your own toolset. You can find a Tool Set here.

50.  Tool Workshop

My sister’s boys have this tool workshop. They LOVE it! It’s so much fun if your preschooler likes to play with tools. You can find the Tool Workshop here.

51. Doctor Kit

Playing doctor is so much for fun for little kids. This set has everything you little doctor needs to make sure everyone in your family is healthy. You can find the Doctor Kit here.

52.  Play Kitchen

Every preschooler I’ve met has liked pretending to cook and loved play kitchens. You can find Play Kitchens here

53.  Dress Up Clothes

Playing dress up is so fun for kids. Here are some fun Dress Up Clothes – So many different kinds – Moana, Super Heroes, Wonder Woman, Fireman, Princess, Etc.

54.  Battat Dalmatian Vet Kit

Playing veterinarian is such a fun way to spend an afternoon.  After they get done checking out the dalmatian, they can check on all the stuffed animals in the house to make sure they are healthy too.  You can get the Dalmatian Vet Kit here

55.  Wooden Make a Kit Mixer Set

This mixer set looks really cool.  Perfect for the little baker in your family.  Find this mixer set here.

56.  Magnetic Dress-Up Doll

You can find Julia here and Joey here.

57.  Kid’s Broom & Dustpan

Again, preschoolers love imitating the grown-ups around them. This Kid Size Broom and Dust Pan will allow them to help out – or at least make them feel like they are helping you around the house.

58.  Kid’s Vacuum

What is it with kids and vacuums? They LOVE to use it and want to help so much. Allow them to help with a vacuumed sized just for them. you can find Kid Vacuums here.

59.  Cash Register

Cash registers are so much fun for kids as well. They make noises, the drawer pops open, there is money to count. You can find a wonderful Cash Register here.

60.  Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are tons of fun also. You can fill them up, empty them and push them around. You can find a Shopping Cart here.

61.  Play Phone

Now, instead of having your preschooler play with your phone, they can have their own. You can find this
Play Phone here.

62.  Tea Set

The memories your preschooler can make with a tea set! They can play tea party with their stuffed animals, dolls, and other friends. You can find this Tea Set here.

63.  Dolls

There are so many different dolls these days. You can check out a  Doll here

64.  Stroller

If your little one enjoys playing with dolls, they will love having a stroller to push them around in. You can find a Stroller here.

65.  Doll House

Dollhouses are such a wanted and loved item from preschoolers. You can find the perfect Doll House here.

Bath and Water Toys

66.  Water Table

A water table was one of my kid’s favorite toys for years. You can find a super fun Water Table here.

67.  Submarine Bath Toy

This was one of our most loved bath toys for a long time. It’s super fun and allows so many different adventures to be dreamed up. You can find this Submarine Bath Toy here.

68.  Fishing Toy

What kid doesn’t love fishing in their bathtub? Here is a fun Fishing Bath Toy

69.  Water Flutes

These water flutes look like so much fun! You can buy these Water Flutes here.

70.  Bathtub Ball Track

Another bath toy that looks like a ton of fun! You can find the Bathtub Ball Track here.

71.  3pc Windup Bath Toys

These windup bath toys are so much fun! 3pc Windup Bath Toys

Musical Instruments

72.  Wooden Toy Ukulele

The Ukulele is so much for preschoolers to play. You can find the Wooden Toy Ukulele here.

73.  Harmonica

Harmonica’s are a great noisemaker. You can find a fun Harmonica here.

74.  Kid Drum Set

Kids love banging on things, give them something to bang on with their own drum set. You can find a Kid Drum Set here.

75.  Recorder

Recorders are tons of fun for kids to play.  You can find this fun Recorder here.

76. Band in a Box

A band in a box set is perfect for preschoolers to make some noise. You can get the Band in a Box here.

77.  Musical Combo – Clarinet, Trumpet, and Saxophone

This is another musical set that looks like it would be a ton of fun for a preschooler. You can find this
Musical Combo – Clarinet, Trumpet, and Saxophone here.

78.  Single Drum

We have a few big, single drums in our house. Our kids love playing on these and so do friends who visit. You can find this
Big Drum here.

79.  Click N Play Piano

This looks like any kid would have fun playing on this. You can find the Click N Play Piano here.

80.  Keyboard

Playing a keyboard is also great for preschoolers. They can learn real songs or make up their own. Here is a good.

81.  Musical Jewelry Box

A musical jewelry box is so fun, with music playing as soon as you open the lid. You can find this Musical Jewelry Box here.

82.  CD/MP3 Player/Karaoke Machine

A karaoke machine is great for kids who love to sing.  This one is also a CD player and mp3 player as well, so it is great for listening to your favorite music as well.  You can find this Karaoke Machine here.


83.  Floor Puzzle

Floor puzzles are perfect for preschoolers.  They are large enough that you can really see the pieces and the size makes it’s easier to match them up.  You can find this Floor puzzle here.

84.  Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Preschoolers love playing games.  The Sneaky Snacky squirrel game teaches colors and kids love to play it.  You can find the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game here.

85.  Discovery Toys Marble Run

Marble runs are always great fun!  You drop the marble in the top and watch it makes it’s way to the end.  You can find the Discovery Toys Marble Run here.

86.  Anatomy Puzzle

This anatomy puzzle is great!  There is both a boy and a girl version.  This puzzle is different than the typical jigsaw puzzle.  This one you have multiple layers to put together.  So there is a layer of skin, muscle, bones, nerves, and organs.  When we visit one of our friends, my youngest son asks for this puzzle every time.  You can find the Anatomy Puzzle here.

Crafts, Writing, Art

87.  Art Kit

Most preschoolers love crafts, even if they don’t like drawing/coloring.  You can find some art/craft kits here.

88.  Play-Doh

Play-doh and play doh accessories are the perfect presents for preschoolers.  You can find Play Doh here.

89.  Easel

Easels are tons of fun for preschoolers!  Most easels have a whiteboard feature on one side and a chalkboard on the other.  It is easy to hang a sheet of paper for painting.  You can the perfect easel gift for your preschooler here.

90.  Sketchbook and Markers

Sketchbook and markers also falls under great gifts for preschoolers!  One of my kids recieved this as a present and they loved it.  All their pictures could be in one spot and they could look over their masterpieces again and again.  You can find Mr. Sketch markers here and the sketchpad here.

91.  Aquadoodle Mat

Have you seen an Aquadoodle mat before?  You fill the pen up with water, then you can draw on the mat.  The pictures disappear and then you can draw all over again.  Our friends who have one love it! You can find the Aquadoodle Mat here.

92.  Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow

These One the Go Water Wow are pretty amazing.  It has a paintbrush/pen that again uses water.  You brush it on the paintings in the books and the colors show up after the pages dry the color goes away and it can be used again.  On the Go Water Wow

93.  Leapfrog Scribble and Write

This scribble & write is great for helping preschoolers work on their writing skills.  You can find the Scribble and Write here.

94.  Cardboard Playhouse

Have you seen these before?  They are great – it’s a large cardboard house that you can color.  Kids love them!  It provides hours of fun!  Get your cardboard playhouse here.

95.  Stained Glass Kit

making stained glass is so fun for kids. Do one of the paint the stained kits. You can find this here

96.  Books

There are so many great books for preschoolers!  Instead of typing them all out here, I am linking to my favorite resource for finding new, great books for us to read.  What do we do all day.


97.  Special Bedspread

Preschoolers love having a special bedspread or blanket with their favorite things on it.  You can find kid’s bedspreads here

98.  Special Sheets

Sheets are the same as bedspreads.  You can find all sorts of cool sheets with any character your kiddo might like.  You can find special sheets here

99.  Special Pillow

There are so many fun pillows nowadays.  You are sure to find the perfect pillow for your preschooler here

100.  Desk

Desks are lots of fun for preschoolers.  There own special place to store their art and writing supplies.  You can find this desk here.

101.  Night Light

Night lights are always fun for preschoolers.  This one makes starts on the ceiling.  You can find this night light here.


102.  STEM Club Toy Subscription from Amazon

This is super cool – a new toy arrives each month for your preschooler to play with.  There is a lot of learning in these toys also.

This is a fun way to get a gift that keeps on giving. subscription

103.  Magazine Subscription

Getting a magazine subscription for a preschooler is a gift that he/she can get monthly for the next year.  There are so many fun subscriptions for preschoolers. Check out children’s magazines here.

103.  An adventure – Gift certificate for a special day out with you.

This could be anything from a picnic at the park, going bowling or something fancier like a day at the local amusement park or indoor water park.

104.  Cooking Class

Cooking is so much fun for kids to be able to participate in.  Now kids can take cooking classes from the comfort of your home. Check out this knife skills class – preschoolers would be using not sharp knives to learn knife skills.


I hope you enjoyed our list of gifts for preschoolers.  If you have something that you think would make the best present for a preschooler, let me know in the comments below.

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