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Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list!

I know the holiday season really starts adding up money wise for us, with all the different holiday parties we go to, presents for 3 kids, special meals and more.

I always try and find items we’ll be needing to try and help keep more money in our pocket in January, such as toothpaste or special band aids. This helps make it cheap to fill the stocking.  But, make sure to scroll down to see all the stocking stuffer ideas, because there are many items on this list that aren’t in the personal hygiene category!

Personal Hygiene Items

We like to give each kid (and parent if we do stocking for ourselves too) all the personal hygiene items that they would need. This is all stuff that we already use, so it just makes it so we can put off buying this for a little bit while we recover from the holidays.



New Toothbrushes/Toothpaste/Floss – I tend to “splurge” on these more for stockings, so if my kiddo likes Thomas the Train, he might get one of the electronic toothbrushes with Thomas on it.


Fun Bandaids – There are so many fun designs for band-aids.  I like to check the dollar store around here first.  Sometimes they have great ones for all my kids for a lot cheaper than the other stores.

Make-up/nail polish


You know what your kids like best, but here is a very short list of some book ideas that my kiddos have loved throughout the years.

If you need more ideas on good books, one of my favorite sites to go is What do we do all day.  She has book lists for everything you can imagine:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo (my kid’s loved all of Kevin Lewis’ books)
Dear Zoo
The Pout-Pout Fish
Anything from Roald Dahl
Caddie Woodlawn
Percy Jackson Series
Plants vs Zombies – Plant Your Path A Junior Novel

Truly, check out What We Do All Day.  She has so many different book lists for kids of all ages.  You are bound to find something your child will love on that site.


Special Pens


You can stick with the classics like Monopoly and Clue or there are some AMAZING games out there that are totally different, like Catan Jr, Dragon Wood, Forbidden Island and more!  My kids have all the ones I just mentioned and absolutely love them!

Dragon Wood is very much a favorite with my kids and they play that game often with friends who come over as well.


New craft kit
special color pencils
Sketch pad
Paint by numbers kit
loom kit
Any sort of craft supplies your child is interested in or you think might engage him or her.

Puzzles – there are so many different designs and skill levels that it’s almost guaranteed to be able to find the right one for your child.  If you need some ideas Melissa and Doug Glow in the Dark Solar System Puzzle or Ravensburger ocean puzzle are both great.


My favorite place to stock up on candy stocking stuffers is Trader Joes and The World Market.  I have one kiddo who reacts very badly to artificial food dyes and I can always find some candy or specialty food item that all my kids can eat and enjoy at Trader Joes.

You can also do the traditional orange in the toe of the stocking or other favorite treat.

My kids (and husband) are very adventurous with food, so a lot of times I buy whatever weird food item I think they might like.

If you have adventurous eaters like me, these are a HUGE hit in my house.  I bought them from the local Dutch store, thinking they were just like crackers.  Hans (the owner of the store) told me I had to fry them.

So, we tried them that night, my husband set up a pan and threw a few in.  Ummm…they expand – by a LOT!  It was quite an entertaining experience for everyone!

The kids all huddle around the stove whenever my husband makes these now.  Not only do they love watching them expand, but they love eating them as well.

Here they are on Amazon.

And while we are talking about food – hot sauce is a favorite with all my boys! My youngest doesn’t like his to be spicy and loves Tiger sauce.

Clothing Items




Shoes, Sandals and Slippers – when my oldest was a toddler he loved getting shoes in his stockings.

Misc. Silly Stuff

Thinking Putty or Silly Putty

I personally LOVE to stroll through Michaels Craft store looking for stocking stuffers. They have an awesome section for small, silly stuff – It’s all $5 or under. Some of the stuff they have are bead animals, silly sounds canister, magnetic face guy, etc. They also have a ton of the small craft items – $1 paint pads, sun catchers, sticker sheets, plus many other items.

If you have any questions about anything, need more ideas or have suggestions of your own as stocking stuffer ideas, please post them below in the comments!

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Awesome list of easy and inexpensive stocking stuffers

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Easy and Inexenpensive Stocking Stuffers

Great Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.

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